April 16th, 2015

abstract butterfly

Indent, heading

I read an article about how to install browser extensions to try to filter political content from one's Facebook feed. Yesterday the trees at Murphy City Park were full of Carolina Chickadees. The actress Elizabeth Montgomery would have turned 82 this week. I am reading a novel in individual chapter portions. I usually ignore chapter breaks.
abstract butterfly


Noon today was filled with woodpeckers. The morning involved oatmeal. Late yesterday I got an unexpected email from a voice from the past. Tonight I gave free legal advice at the Garland Salvation Army.

I heard a radio interview with David Brooks, a political pundit with views often different than mine. He spoke about re-inventing concepts of character, humility and self-worth. I liked the things he had to say.

Tonight the radio announced a thunderstorm watch. I like the computer drawing programs Pinta and Inkscape. I am thinking about what non-practical things I will do on Saturday.