April 9th, 2015

abstract butterfly

She missed it!

I worked another solid day on Wednesday. At day's end, I read about the US Chess Championships, now being held in St. Louis. The defending women's champion Irina Krush, now in second place,won her game. In the course of doing so, though, she missed winning a piece early in the game.

Internet wags talked of the disappointment in her play "for her fans", but I thought to myself that internet wags, like sorceror's apprentices, do best not challenging the ways of grandmasters. The chess site tweeted that she saw the move just after she missed it, because it showed up on her face. We all have days like that.

The news reports a particularly unjust and unwarranted shooting of a fleeing suspect by a policemen in South Carolina. I hope that this spate of incidents will cease, and that the checks and balances will be put in place to prevent this.

Meanwhile, I read an article in which Iran just now decided that women may attend some male sports events, so long as they are not sports events involving less clothing, like swimming or wrestling. The path to freedom is going to require the end of regimes like that. Though in general I favor the current nuclear talks with Iran, I do not favor the way the Iranian government treats its citizens and in particular its female citizens and religious minorities.

My wife taught me a simple way to reformat a spreadsheet to correct a failure to display the date. This makes me happy.

I am reading up on places to travel for vacation. So many wonderful places in the world with my perquisites--lovely walking areas, affordable, safe areas, and easy to access without a car.