April 4th, 2015

abstract butterfly

not seeing the unseen moon

Friday the news continued its recent trend of bringing us tales of human cruelty. The two stories that stood out to me were the mass killing by four armed gunmen in Kenya and the continued revelations of the Germanwings airliner crash in which the co-pilot crashed the plane and killed all on board. The net effect is to make me sad, whether the madness is part of a movement as with the Kenyan situation or what now appears to be an individualized madness as with the flight crash. Locally, the news had to warn senior citizens that a woman in nursing scrubs is going door-to-door, advising the resident of the home that she has to "check their medication", and then purloins the medication rather than checking them. I hope she is swiftly caught.

I am up a bit after 7 a.m. to see the lunar eclipse,but either I am missing it or, more likely, those clouds are the reason I cannot see the moon. I found a website to tell me where to look for the moon. I like that there is a website for everything.

Last evening I stopped by One Eleven Ranch Park in Garland on my way home. This time I saw lots of Tufted Titmice, cavorting and singing. I will walk a bit this weekend and see what birds, flowers and other joyful things I see.

We ate dinner at San Miguel, our favorite Tex/Mex place. The food is not the spicy, fun food of the border, nor the "authentic" food of northern Mexico, but a somewhat
down-to-earth and yet real and really tasty muted blend of flavors. The service is always impeccable, and last night was no exception. I had chicken enchiladas with verde sauce.

This weekend I have modest goals--get some paperwork done, get some exercise, read a book, get some rest, go to an Easter sunrise service. Maybe I should record a new cloudcast. That might be fun.