April 2nd, 2015

abstract butterfly

Like and power tweet

Yesterday rain fell on a warm day. Someone I never knew well but liked hit like on a facebook post tiday. Facebook is good for fleeting like connections. I tweeted to the Arkansas governor asking him to veto a bill but his decision to recall it was not due to me. The next few days will be busy. Busy is mostly good.
abstract butterfly

world tour

This afternoon I attended a business matter downtown. Late in the afternoon I drove to
the Garland Bar Association meeting.On my way, I stopped by Elgin B. Robertson Park.I saw Chipping Sparrows and Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. The sparrows will soon migrate north for the Summer. The scissor-taileds just arrived for the Summer.

The speaker at Garland Bar was the judge who supervises the Mental Health Court. I learned a lot. She had a real passion for her job. I hate the stigma attached to mental illness, though this talk on court procedure did not help me see a quick fix for that. I was glad to learn, though, how the process works.

I made progress on some family paperwork, but want to make much more progress today.
I did a crude digital drawing of a dog called Captain Jack the Pomeranian as part of Facebook birthday wish. I just disappointed someone who wanted to plan a world musical tour involving me, a fellow from India and a Canadian fellow, by saying that it was unlikely to happen (thought sometimes unlikely things happen). I am not sure if I do not dream big enough, or if I just know reality from dreams. I need to arrange a weekend for my niece to come visit. That's a more do-able goal.