March 30th, 2015

abstract butterfly

the best of all possible Springs

Sunday morning I met my uncle and my cousin at the assisted living place where my uncle lives. It's a pleasant enough place, with individual rooms and communal meal areas. My wife slept in a bit, and then got breakfast at the very nice resort Priceline dialed up for us inexpensively.

My uncle was a lawyer and a petroleum engineer in his career. I enjoyed talking to him about that. After we finished, I drove to a little park nearby called Ironwood Park. I walked about and snapped images of desert birds, including this Cactus Wren:

I drove back to the hotel, picked up my wife, and we set off for Ontario for our flight home. During the 90 minute airport drive, my wife went on the 60 freeway when she was supposed to take the 10. They are nearly parallel, though, a no-harm, no-foul situation, and we made our flight in time.

On the flight, I finished my science fiction novel,"The Best of All Possible Worlds" by Karen Lord. I enjoyed it--my third science fiction novel of the year. Then I read some of the Harry Truman biography on my ereader which is my default on-a-flight reading.

Though the first day of Spring came earlier in the month, my personal first day of Spring arrived today. I mark my sighting of the first Scissor-tailed Flycatcher of the Spring as my official first day. I actually saw two today, but I will not count that as double-Spring.

I am enjoying the Women's World Chess Championship,even though I hoped today that Pia Cramling would beat Natalia Pogonina in today's semi-final game. I like both players, though, and either could pull through in the tie-break.

I went to Weight Watchers tonight to find I had lost 2.8 pounds. Then I came home a tossed a stuffed carrot toy for Beatrice.