March 21st, 2015

abstract butterfly

Cardinals in Buffalo

Today the weather hovered between sprinkly and near-sprinkly. I watched some of the livecast of the Women's World Championship Chess Tournament. I am sufficiently skilled at chess to understand and appraise a position,but insufficiently skilled to play at anything above an above-average skill level.I worried that the American Grandmaster Irina Krush might have to work to hold a draw but in the event she easily pulled through. A two-game playoff ensues tomorrow.

I took Beatrice for a walk and then settled in to get some paperwork done. I did not complete all that I need to complete. I was happy with my progress.

On Twitter, a series of tweets trended about Wales. I find "Wales" an irresistible topic, as is "Luxembourg", "Iceland", "NASA" or "Chess". I found myself soon following tweets about a Rugby game between Wales and Italy. Wales scored an improbable number of points against Italy. The Welsh twitter users, equally divided between male and female tweeters, were filled with joy. I like Twitter for that way it can immerse one in a distant joy in real time.

I grabbed a late lunch. Then I walked for 70 minutes in Limestone Quarry Park. A nice man I see there sometimes asked me when the migrating birds will return. I told him "soon" and pointed out that Purple Martins are already back. Soon the Scissortailed Flycatchers will arrive. Another, less chilly year, and they might be here already.

The man asked me about Northern Cardinals in August. I told him they were still around then, but a bit more dormant. He said that they wintered even as far north as his old home in Buffalo.

I made a run to the post office. Then I stopped by Bethany Lakes Park. Among the many dozen ducks I saw lots of Gadwalls. I detoured so as not to irritate two hiking Mallards.

I stopped by Kroger to buy cheese sticks, bananas, clementines, and breakfast cereal. A young boy asked his mother to buy him string cheese. "The kind that makes you strong", the child requested. I remembered wanting Red Ball Jet tennis shoes because the television commercial promised that they made one "run faster and jump higher". We thought it was a kind of magical promise.

We dined on sushi at Wasabi tonight. I watched some of the basketball game between my alma mater and the principal state university of North Carolina. But soon I switched to "Cinderella". I am pleased that it is supposed to rain all night. I have a good sci-fi on my e-reader and time to read it.