March 20th, 2015

abstract butterfly

Viva appalling ineffectiveness

I got up early enough to do some laundry. Friday came quickly this week. The overcast sky once more promises a bit of drought relief. I am not sure which is worse: politicians who promise appalling things to get elected then do not deliver, or politicians who keep their promises and deliver appalling things. I think the latter are worse.
abstract butterfly

Irina and broccoli

We went to J.S. Chen Chinese restaurant in Plano for dinner. I ordered a steamed chicken and vegetables from the Authentic Chinese portion of the menu. The vegetable was Chinese Broccoli. The meal tasted great. The style was apparently "Hong Kong style".

We finally got a rain worthy of the name today. From God's sky into our lakes. I took pictures of sparrows (Song Sparrows, I think, but I am uncertain) in the rain.

I am following the World Womens' Chess Championship qualifier tournament. I am rooting for the American grandmaster, Irina Krush. I played some on-line blitz chess at the Free Internet Chess Server tonight. I did not play well. I play much better at slower time controls, but I still like blitz chess.

This weekend I want to get practical things done. I started this morning with laundry.