March 19th, 2015

abstract butterfly

hawk and junco and dvap

The day was mostly foggy but not rainy. The rains are to come tomorrow. I hope they do come, despite my fondness for warm, foggy days. We need more rain, until the lakes fill up so and I no longer see fields of green grasses where Lake Lavon should be when I am on the lake bridge.

As I do on many lunch hours, I drove to nearby Breckinridge Park. I like to drive slowly through the park on rainy and foggy days. The birds love this weather.
I watched Eastern Bluebirds and an Eastern Phoebe. Then I looked out my passenger window. A few feet away I saw this Red-Tailed Hawk feeding:

After work, I saw this Dark-Eyed Junco:

I spent two hours this evening at the Garland Salvation Army, assisting at the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program free legal clinic. Folks face such challenges in dealing with the legal system. I did a small part to try to get their cases through intake, so that legal aid can hunt an attorney to take each case.

I heard from the law student who, like me thirty four years ago, went to law school after getting an Arkansas physics degree. I remember being in that 1L place so well, but it was all so long ago.