March 3rd, 2015

abstract butterfly

misty storage

Today's promised warm weather cooled. I enjoyed the fog but missed the sun. Tomorrow the forecast turns rain into sleet. I stopped by Petco tonight to buy Mother Hubbard's dog bones. Beatrice prefers these to the formerly favored Buddy Bars.

The local area had a 3.1 magnitude earthquake last Friday. Researcher at the Southern Methodist University predict that eventually larger earthquakes will hit. Some think that water injection connected to fracking is to blame. State legislators, meanwhile, debate a bill which seeks to ban towns from regulating drilling in residential neighborhoods.

Tonight's news also brings news of an impending announcement of the results of a civil rights investigation into the police department and municipal court in Ferguson, Missouri. The press previews suggested that findings of markedly disparate treatment by race have been uncovered. I am glad the legal process is moving forward.

I got an email from an electronics vendor. The ad page offered extremely low prices on hard drives and USB drives. A 256 GB USB drive that would have cost hundreds of dollrs is now priced at less than 70 dollars. I am grateful to cloud storage for making old-fashioned storage so affordable.

I like the idea of fog lights and fog horns. My father used to have an Opel sports car with little, powerful fog lights. But any street lamp on a foggy night will do.

street lamp