March 2nd, 2015

abstract butterfly

appliance tales

Today the weather proved cold, and the air misty and then foggy. Tomorrow the weather is to be balmy. Wednesday, the predictions promise sleet and snow. From every day a new thing arises.

Today I made progress on the mystery of a missing item. I hope I find the item itself soon. It feels almost on the tip of my tongue, but it is not on my tongue.
I sorted other paperwork tonight. I felt I made progress, though I have a good bit more to do to be, much less feel, caught up. We got a new refrigerator, after nearly 15 years' service from our prior one. We need to also replace our microwave,and perhaps our stove. I'm pleased we got so much use out of what we have, but new things always mean new things.

I had a dream last night in which I was involved in a lawsuit as an attorney. My opposing counsel was the actress Keri Russell. The dream did not feature any untoward cinematic finesses--the other lawyer just happened to be Ms. Russell, who was a lawyer in the dream. In my dream, I thought this was the second time I had dealt with Ms. Russell. I cannot recall for certain if there had been a prior dream in which Ms. Russell represented a litigant, but so it seemed to me when I woke up.

A Northern Cardinal sings each morning in the crepe myrtle tree in our back yard. My windshield wipers lack a setting slow enough for drizzle. I ate healthy ginger snaps tonight. The news is full of wars and politics.