February 28th, 2015

abstract butterfly

Winter drive

I waited until 9 a.m. to set out from Temple, Texas to home. I wanted to let the ice melt a bit on the roadways. I watched a fun Saturday morning television program called "Lucky Dog". That show's host prepared shelter dogs for re-homing. I was glad to see upbeat, sensible, ethical-themed (if mildly fluffy) programming during the kid-zone watching times.

When I set out at 9 a.m., the roads were slick but not bad. The trip to Waco featured a bit of ice, but no sliding. When I got to Waco, the road was the clearest of the trip. I decided to go see Cameron Park there. I wanted to let the day get a bit older before I drove to the heavier weather north of me. Cameron Park turned out to be cool--miles and miles of sidewalks in a sliver park along the Brazos River, with a larger park section at one end. I hit the road back north, but I hope to return with my bicycle on some future warm day.

The next 100 miles north featured snowy landscapes, icy landscapes, and clear landscapes. I could only average about 50 miles per hour, but I kept up a steady pace.

I got to Dallas near noon. I stopped at Boston Market in Plano. When I got near our home, the snowfall had been heavier. A few inches are on the ground--and remain there tonight.

I stopped by Russell Creek Park and watched Killdeers and Northern Flickers forage in the snow. I spent most of my remaining Saturday resting, throwing my dog's toys,
and taking a quick walk in the park, slip-sliding away.

We dined at Silver Thai restaurant. We talked about Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Now we are watching a view-on-demand episode of The Americans.