February 23rd, 2015

abstract butterfly


Sunday our local weather talked all day about an impending ice storm. So far we only got rain, but the sleet is supposed to start in a few hours. I suspect the storm will prove milder than predicted. I saw northern flickers on trees at Russell Creek Park. I also took Beatrice for a walk before the rain began. We eschewed the Oscar broadcast for Downton Abbey and Grantchester.
abstract butterfly

light sleet

The sleet storm proved less severe than predicted. Still, the sleet shut the city more or less down. We closed our office, but I drove in to work. I found the streets passable. Other drivers drove safely, as did I.

I got to my office at 9:30 and stayed at work until nearly 4 p.m. I did not get a lunch. I could not find any cafes in the shopping center near our office that were open. I worked through lunch.

The day stayed frozen all day. We will have icy streets again tomorrow. I stopped by Bethany Lakes Park on the way home. I watched ducks and gulls and a warbler. Then I headed home.

Tomorrow afternoon the ice is predicted to melt. Then an inch or three of snow is predicted to fall early Wednesday. We are finally getting a little Winter weather.