February 18th, 2015

abstract butterfly


I thought about Kimberly. I did not know her well. She went to school with me for a while. I cannot recall what grade, somewhere about middle school. She reminded me, a bit, of the character Margaret in the Dennis the Menace cartoon. She came to our school one year, and moved away at the end, if I recall, of the same year.

She had a brash,brassy style, with a hint of an upbringing a bit north of our little southern town. Sometimes the bright, bold new kid is popular. Sometimes, she is teased and less popular. Kimberly was in the latter category. She handled the light teasing well--she had a comeback to each teasing comment and she did not show any intimidation.

I wonder about those people that I knew, but barely knew, and then they disappeared.
Kimberly transferred schools at year's end or so. I never heard where she went, nor did I know where she came from. We weren't friends. I wasn't attracted to her. I made no particular impression upon her.

She just seemed like an interesting person a step out of step with her companions, and I wonder where her steps led. Her name is too common for me to easily google a result. But I wonder what became of her.