February 17th, 2015

abstract butterfly

groundhogs and beagle

Today cold weather lingered on. The day ended with non-freezing rain. I installed Jitsi, an open-source Skype alternative. I like the way it handles AIM, Facebook messenger and other similar services in one place. I am still figuring out how to hook up PC-to-phone on an inexpensive, pay-per-call basis. Skype makes that easy,but Jitsi requires me to sort more out.

Our microwave malfunctioned, after 14 years of solid service. I saw six American Kestrels and three Eastern Bluebirds in the park. My law partner described being on a golf course in Port Aransas, on the Texas coast, at his grandson's junior golf event, when the temperature dropped dozens of degrees from warm to frigid in a matter of moments. They shivered their way until the grandson finished his golf round, finishing third in the event.

Last night I watched the Emily Blunt/Tom Cruise movie "Edge of Tomorrow" on cable television. This movie did not do well in its theater release. I think that perhaps Tom Cruise's idiosyncratic choices in his personal life adversely affects his movie box office these days. But the film's plot, a sci-fi take on "Groundhog Day", worked well,and I enjoyed the film. I like that Emily Blunt's character lacked the need-to-be-saved imported onto so many female characters in film--even the nod or two in that direction were quickly turned awry for dramatic effect.

I liked the Westminster Dog Show last night when I saw a bit of it on television.
I liked in particular the beagle.