February 10th, 2015


planets aligned

We sat on our patio furniture on a warm, star-filled night. We saw an evening star rise. I looked up on my cell phone that the star was Venus, as I was not certain if it was Venus or Jupiter. Then, as the night wore on, we saw Mars appear, a bit higher and a bit over to the left in the evening sky. We read that Jupiter was in the eastern sky, but our house blocked our view. So we looked at the sword on Orion's belt, and talked about our day.

searching and finding

I hunted one thing today but found another. I hunted for a letter that went astray, and found instead a lost item I'd already replaced. I also found an unmailed holiday card to the microbie household. So I failed to find one thing and found two. I would like to find the envelope I am seeking next. I could have sworn I mailed it. But it's not arrived. Perhaps it was misaddressed. Perhaps it fell somewhere before I mailed it.

I'm reading Anne Leckie's "Ancillary Justice", an interesting bit of updated space opera. A Cooper's Hawk visited Travis Farm Park in Murphy. She flew gracefully just a few feet above the ground before landing in a tree.

I was thinking today it's been x years since I visited Japan. Then I thought it was a long time since our trip to Costa Rica. Then I remembered it had been a while since we visited South Dakota. I felt a little travel longing, but then I got over myself and felt fortunate that I got to visit those places at all.

A warm snap gives way to a chilly snap soon.