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January 12th, 2015

Tesla and Play

Soon after midnight things got absurd. My late Mother appeared. Two airliners folded around each other in mid-air. Though the setting felt unusually "real", and not dream-like, my dreaming self realized it was all a dream. On paper, I would imagine in theory that I would savor a chance to be with a lifelike facsimile of my late mother, but in fact I found it all a bit disquieting. I realized that if my dream self could fall asleep,then I would wake up. So I did fall asleep in my dream. I then did wake up to reality.I am not a great lucid dreamer. I missed my chance to take control of my dream and remake the fabric of dreamy reality.

I have a mildly sore throat and a trifle of the sniffles. I am a bit weary at day's end. The weather is above freezing but breezy and with a lot of moisture in the air.
I drove through Breckinridge Park at Noon. I saw two Eastern Bluebirds standing atop little posts, but each flew away when I drove nearby.

Lately I see electric cars. Last week I followed a Nissan Leaf and then later found myself behind a Tesla.The Tesla was an impressive-looking car. My personal theory is that a hydrogen-based automobile fleet would work out well, but now that the price of gas is low there will be little incentive to change things.

Local commercial radio is fixated on a single questioned play in the playoff game yesterday. I heard someone on the Noon show on public radio explain the dearth of creativity, which she believes her book will help remedy. The classical station was playing Mahler.

I noticed that a Russian gaming podcast called "Play!" used my song "Maisie's Dream" as incidental music during a broadcast last month. I like that I can release a song with a Creative Commons license and in weeks it gets posted in a distant land.