December 29th, 2014

dark flower

fresh, fit and crowded

Today I had a hankering for the "fresh n fit pancake combo at the International House of Pancakes. In my college and law school days, IHOP served as my favorite after 10 p.m. dining locale. Now I am more likely to go on an afternoon or early evening.

Something about IHOP looks a lot like Christmas to people. On both December 26 (when I went someplace else) and today the Garland IHOP was full of customers. I waited five minutes to be seated. Apparently, nothing says "peace on Earth, good will to all" like pancakes with boysenberry syrup. I went syrup-less and egg-yolk-less with my more modest meal.

I bought gasoline for less than two dollars a gallon tonight, which was like taking a time machine trip back to the 1980s. I enjoyed working today, as the office was quiet and conducive to work. New Year's Day is predicted to be very cold, which is as it should be, but I would prefer a warm New Year.