December 27th, 2014

dark flower

cold day, indoors

Today the weather turned December-chilly. I listened to music in the morning. I also took screenshots for a friend's project. My wife and I went to lunch at Elke's Market Cafe. I had a cup of a fine soup of Swedish meatballs and noodles, as well as a roast beef sandwich. I also had a single gingerbread man, my first and probably last of the season. It was very good--just the right mix of tart and bread-y, with a mild lean on the bread-y side.

My wife and I went to the Verizon store, as my Android phone needed replacement. I found lots of good choices, though the fact that I have one of the old unlimited-data plans means I do not get good bargaining power without surrendering to a lesser plan.
I finally settled on a Droid Maxx, keeping my favorable plan inviolate, and settled up. We went to the nearby mall to get an after-market cover from the folks who did one for my friend last weekend. Unfortunately, they lacked the right size cover. My wife dropped me at home, and I checked Radio Shack, Big Lots and Best Buy, failing to find the cover I sought. I
will order from the plethora on eBay, which is probably where I should have begun and ended.

We dined tonight at Rockfish Cafe, where I had wild Alaskan halibut, brussels sprouts admixed with cranberries, and a dollop of butternut squash. Now we are settled in watching a latter Harry Potter movie (yet again).