December 19th, 2014

dark flower

ignorance and want of pho

Today drove through Breckinridge Park at noon. The weather was chilly and overcast. Male Eastern Bluebirds flitted from place to place.


A female American Kestrel stayed still while I snapped her photo.


I resisted the temptation to bid on an eBay auction nearing its end. I was relieved when the bid price went astronomical in the last sixty seconds of the auction. This removed even the temptation to bid.

I had a vigorous day at work. After work, I stopped at Que Huang for chicken and vermicelli. I enjoyed reading an issue of Urban Animal while I ate. I love the pictures of adoptable animals in this pro-adoption quarterly publication.

My wife went to the Winspear Theater with a friend from work to see "A Christmas Carol". Last night I teased her that while she and her friend were enjoying a professional theater play, our dog Beatrice and I would be shivering at home, portraying Want and Ignorance. In this metaphor, I would be Want, the more dangerous, because that's a step from Doom. We laughed.

Tonight I did some Christmas shopping on line, quite successfully. I still need to address some work credit cards, and do some light gift-wrapping of a gift for a friend. I am now relaxed and watching television, content with Friday night.