December 15th, 2014

dark flower

changes, mail, cell, librarians

This morning I departed the bumper-to-bumper Central Expressway to roll down Spring Creek to avoid the traffic. I got the first small wave of holiday cards into the mail. I have two small additional waves to address and mail. I had lunch with my two partners to have a meal together before one of my partners moves to Portland, Oregon. It was a nice lunch. It has been a good partnership. Our firm will continue, and we wish our departing partner well. He's been with us for 10 years, but I have known him for over 30 years, since I was a brand new lawyer and he had a few years' experience.

I need to replace my cell phone. I've been eligible for a new phone (under the curious phone financing devices applicable to cell phones) for months, but delayed
getting one. I hoped to wait until the release of the Ubuntu phone, but it looks as if that phone will not release until next year and will not be on my carrier when it does come out. I have one of those legacy unlimited data plans so I will be unlikely to leave my cell phone carrier. I probably will go ahead and replace this one, as it does not easily charge from a wall charger, but does do all right on a car charger.

I like cell phones to have good CPUs, massive storage, but a smaller screen. I'll have to read up and see what kind is best for me. I will get another Android phone in all likelihood.

Now I am watching a television show called the Librarians and thinking about a diet root beer I wish I had in stock.