November 10th, 2014

dark flower

free air

I stopped on my way to work to put air into my front left tire. At lunch, I took the car to NTB Tire in Sachse to repair the slow leak. The service attendants found the problem, solved it, and even refrained from charging me the quoted 20 dollars. Next time I need new tires, I'll shop there. I appreciated the kindness.

The massive cold front predicted to arrive tomorrow night is predicted to cause some colder weather here, but not a deep freeze. Still, I'll pull in the outdoor ficus benjamina tomorrow morning.

I'm unhappy to hear about another terrorist attack on schoolkids in Nigeria. I want to see a world in which madmen do not attack children.

I crossed 7,400 words on my nanowrimo project, but as I line out the things I want to get done this month, I am dubious I will choose to hit 50,000. But we'll see. I like having the luxury of choice.