November 9th, 2014

dark flower

bald eagle

Yesterday I took pictures of a crow at daybreak. My young friend and I walked by Bethany Lakes Park's ponds, where he pointed out some pied-billed grebes. We dined at Razzoo's,a Cajun restaurant where I had a seafood gumbo with red beans and rice.
We went to the Half-Priced Books flagship store, by a Barnes & Noble bookstore, and
to CD Source. We found that CD Source, a new and used CD vendor,was having its closing sale. I was intrigued to see offerings on sale from His Boy Elroy and Emily Richards, both ccMixter artists. I took a picture of the CD and little CD-store-tab for "Emily Richards", and posted it on her facebook page.

When my friend and I drove on the first Lake Lavon bridge off Lucas Road, I saw a huge raptor flying overhead. Soon I saw the white tail and white head. It was a bald eagle.
Though I knew that Lake Lavon probably had over-wintering eagles,this was my first sighting of one on this lake, and my first eagle sighting this year.I was very pleased.

I watched sports on television and went to bed early. My wife had fallen asleep
with a home and garden channel show playing. Rather than turn off the show, I simply fell asleep with it on. I had dreams of improvement and home upgrade all night.

This morning I resumed work on my nanowrimo novel,bringing my word count up to 5205.
The last time I wrote a novel, in 2002, one had to save every few minutes because word processing platforms, while great, still crashed from time to time. Today's systems, like the Libre Office I am using, no longer crash so easily. But I save often out of habit.
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dark flower

wigeon and 6,517

I took Beatrice for a morning walk. She got to see her friend Diva, a little lhasa apso. Friendship for Beatrice lacks any fawning expressions of affection. It mostly involves a quick sniff and a procession to Diva's owner so that Bea might be petted.

During the walk, I saw two American wigeons among the mallards on the pond. I like that little Glendover Pond sometimes attracts species other than mallards and Canada geese.

I went to Weight Watchers, where I found that I had gained two pounds. This was no surprise, as I had deviated from plan a few times this week, and had not gotten as much exercise as usual. After Weight Watchers, I had a sandwich at WhichWhich and listened to the radio as the local sports team won a contest.

I stopped by Allen Station Park and took a walk. I saw some birds, and some leaf color, and listened to Bill Nelson's album Neptune's Galaxy.

Throughout today, I gained momentum on my writing project. My word count increased to 6,517. Although my overall pace is still inadequate, 724 words a day, I begin to gain confidence that I can increase my pace. I drew up a simple cover for the book, to give my effort focus. The novel itself interests me more than it will interest a disinterested reader, but I am enjoying it nonetheless. I notice that doing "official counts" at the nanowrimo motivates me more than just relying on my word processing software. It is perhaps the same valuable monitoring as my Weight Watcher program. I hope the coming week will get much more done.
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