October 30th, 2014

dark flower

leftovers and you get what you get, rather than necessarily what you pay for

Last night I finished Tom Perrota's novel "The Leftovers". I wanted to read it from the time I read a review when it first came out. I finally picked it up when I saw it was being made into a televised mini-series. I found the book absorbing, infused with a melancholy appropriate to the tale.

I see a cold front is rolling in this weekend. October here is pretty idyllic, weather-wise. Some days are like a mild Summer, some days like a warm Spring, and only a few dates have a real hint of chill. This cold front will introduce a notion of cool, but it will not truly be cold at all, if the forecast proves accurate.

I got a set of headphones with a microphone in yesterday via eBay. For routine things, I prefer simple microphone arrangements. I never get the value out of good microphones, which cuts against the motto that in microphones one only gets what one pays to get. I find that a lot of things are not as dollar-for-dollar in their price-to-usefulness ratio--bicycles and binoculars are two things that come to mind in which a solid, reasonably well-made lesser-priced choice can give adequate performance even though an expensive, top-notch choice will be a bit better. Also, lots of times quality items are available at non-premium prices. My Grado headphones are wonderful for listening to music, but about 1/4th of the price of similar offerings from Beats.