October 21st, 2014

dark flower

pay TV


pictured: northern mockingbird

I began thinking over the last couple of days about the novel I will write next month as part of the nanowrimo experience. In 2002, I completed a science-fiction novel. This time I am more inclined to write a present-day, very down-to-earth narrative. The challenge with sustaining that approach for 50,000 words, is not, I suppose, insurmountable. I will confront the Scylla of boredom and the Charybdis of self-loathing. I will plunge in writing, with very little plot worked out, and try to enjoy myself.

I began tracking my walks to make posts to eBird.org. I decided to do this once I realized that my life list on eBird was a fraction of my total life list. I rarely record my results. It's not important that I have a long life list in life, much less on eBird. But I'd like to record a bit more. My recent walks with this goal did not yield a lot of species, but I find that I am not insistent on a lot of diversity to have a good walk.

I'm intrigued by all the new services seeking to offer fragmented little TV subscriptions at rather low rates generally but rather high rates for the limited content involved. Though I love watching television, and I am fine with business and enterprise, so much TV now is about monetizing audiences in a tacky, one-dollar-one-view way.

I have a bit of work-life planning to do. I am eager to sort out a few things.
dark flower

little intervals with few words

When I walked Beatrice in Glendover Park this evening, a little boy came up to her, and, without saying a word, reached down and gently patted her back. She stood patiently, waiting for him to finish the task, as she is naturally fond of human children. Then I said "thank you" softly to the little boy, and we walked on.