October 8th, 2014

dark flower

missed moon and gparted

The pre-dawn featured a blood moon and a complete lunar eclipse. I woke at 2 a.m. to check on the disk diagnostic program I ran on my computer. The disk diagnostic program told me that my hard drive tested okay. Still, I found myself unable to boot into my operating system, and unable to load a new operating system because the system pronounced my hard drive unavailable. I forgot to look for the moon. I wrote an e-mail to my computer's maker asking for suggestions.

This morning I woke with a fresh attitude. I loaded GParted Live, the operating system which is designed for formatting and perhaps fixing hard drives. It loaded fro a USB after a few moments. Then I reformatted the hard drive anew. Now Peppermint OS pronounced the hard drive available, and is installing now. Let's see if it works.
dark flower

spreadsheet logic

I'm still sorting out my desktop computer issues, though I feel I am slowly making progress in sorting out if the issue is hardware or installation. It's been a good learning experience thus far, but I am ready to earn some kind of working computer

Tonight at the park dozens of bluebirds flitted from tree to little stream to field.
A kestrel feasted on another tree. My dog's new treat is a large stuffed faux carrot, which she likes very much. My brother did me a good turn this evening, formatting a spreadsheet I needed. I like gnumeric, but I am imperfect at structuring formulae.

Today the news was full of the local fellow who died of Ebola. Prior to that announcement, AM radio quoted callers as saying callous and uninformed things. I looked at the full moon tonight. Myth says it makes people and coyotes crazy.