October 7th, 2014

dark flower

hidden rabbit

I woke up this morning and got some personal paperwork done. My work day was steady.
At lunch, I walked in Breckinridge Park, where I saw a monarch butterfly perched on goldenrod. After work, I stopped by Murphy City Park. I walked the park with my headphones on and listened to music by Entertainment for the Braindead. Three bluebirds were atop one tree. The wires were full of mourning doves. A rabbit crouched behind a slender weed, as if that were a good hiding place.

My computer's manufacturer wrote to suggest an advisory test to run to test the hard drive. This will let me see if the disk is damaged or if it is fixable without replacement. I was glad to have this diagnostic to run.

This morning I started composing a song on my laptop using a sequencer called Tunafish and a synthesizer called Cheez Machine. It felt good to get started,even if my laptop is a bit less suited to the task of rendering audio.