October 6th, 2014

dark flower

in progress but undeterred

Today we woke to a pleasing rain. It subsided before the morning was too old. At lunch, the park woods were full of bluebirds and house finches. Tonight I worked on paperwork a bit and tried to get my desktop computer fully operational. The problem is isolated to a grub or hard drive problem. I am starting to lean toward the theory that the hard drive has failed. I will try for another day or two, and then contact the manufacturer about the warranty. Fortunately, my little eBay laptop works like a top, so far so good. But I want to get my desktop going again, as it is easier for me to make music on a more powerful desk top than on my laptop.

One thing I have been trying to do is promote the crowd-fund at ccMixter.org. I was pleased to learn today that the kind fellows at the Linux Action Show read my request for coverage of the fund-raiser on the air and gave some helpful commentary. I am grateful to them for supporting Creative Commons music at the Mixter.

Tonight I ate popcorn and thought about family.