September 25th, 2014

dark flower

downy girl

The Garland One Eleven Ranch park features a thick canopy of leafy trees. As with most such places in our area, it's near a creek. Today blue jays, eastern phoebes, red-bellied woodpeckers and downy woodpeckers flitted from branch to branch. I liked one female downy woodpecker the best, not least because I got the best view of her.

I like the sound of a tennis ball dropping from my dog's mouth to the floor. That little bounce is her signal to me to play a game throwing her ball. I like that the milkweed blooms in our back yard, though I've not seen a monarch butterfly land on them yet. The news said a cloud of butterflies is to our north, in St. Louis. I did see gulf frittilaries and a checkerspot in the park.

I listened on Radio New Zealand about a news report of a five-day-old baby stolen by a couple in Auckland. Fortunately, the baby was recovered. This little microcosm of recovery in a difficult world was a puzzling event with a relieving conclusion. So many things are odd bits of news of the human experience, even heard of at an extreme distance.