September 22nd, 2014

dark flower

no strings attached

The kind nurse at my primary care doctor's office removed my stitches today. Each of the eight stitches stung just a little when she removed it--like little sweat bee stings. The wound looks like it is healing nicely. I will be interested to see how much scar shows in one year. I am feeling pretty good, and do not miss my Frankenstein look too badly.

I have an appointment at a specialist tomorrow. The specialist's office called to confirm a 1:15 p.m. appointment when my strong recollection was that the original appointment commenced at 8:15 a.m. But 1:15 is fine, and I'll just re-juggle. I liked that the only pre-appointment instruction was to bring a list of my medications. That is an easy list for me. It has one entry. That entry is "None".

Meanwhile, my dentist's office and I worked out that I somehow had two appointments set up when only one would do. I was puzzled last week when the office called me to say it was time to set one up. But now we have it all straight and set for Monday.

Our dog Beatrice had a check-up with a heart vet today, who pronounced her murmur amenable to medication and sent some fluid off for testing. She is a fine old dog.

I watched two television debuts, "Scorpion", a fine new action series, and the season premiere of "The Blacklist". I liked them both very well. I also paid some bills, did some laundry and in general got a few practical things done tonight.

Tomorrow will be a busy half-day followed by a doctor's half-day, but I am 3/4 ready for each of the halves,which must make me 1 1/2 times something.