September 12th, 2014

dark flower

the welcome chill

Today marked a pleasant,misty day. "Have a nice day!",said the woman who took my oatmeal order. I did. I worked a solid day,and walked out of work into a cool late afternoon (64 degrees F. 17.77 C.). Tomorrow I will dawn my light fleece as I walk until the morning sun heats up everything. Even after this "heating" the day promises to be temperate.

Tonight we watched a fine PBS documentary of the artist Whistler. Meanwhile, I rolled three yahtzees in on-line yahtzee and used computer programs to draw images.

the flower in bloom

Things I want to learn:

a. a computer program called seq24 and a stepping-stone program called Jack
b. the names of panhandle birds whose names I do not now know
c. the name of a white wildflower I saw.

I distrust difficult questions and easy answers.