September 6th, 2014

dark flower

panhandle Saturday

Today my wife and I found ourselves in historic Comanche country,at Copper Breaks State Park. The day proved rainy and chilly,a nice break from possible 100 degree days. We enjoyed walking in the stark environs of the park.


The park museum told stories of the Comanche native people and the story of Quanah Parker, the half-anglo last battle chief of that people..

We also got a chance today to visit Palo Duro Canyon. I had not been to the Texas Panhandle in years. I lived in nearby Amarillo from age 1 to age 4. The last time I was in the Amarillo area must have been 30 years ago. The heavy rain let up so that we had a lovely time walking in the canyon. Palo Duro Canyon is the second largest canyon in the country.



This has been a weekend of great food. Friday night a place called the Rib Crib in
Wichita Falls did right by us. I had a very tasty smoked turkey. In a small town called Childress an antique shop/coffee shop operation made my wife a great latte' and made me a very tasty hot chocolate. Tonight we had one of the best Vietnamese meals I've ever had at a place in Amarillo called Saigon.

This was a very good, adventurous day.