August 30th, 2014

dark flower

japon and rebooting

Beatrice loves seeing a rabbit during our morning walk. She could not reach it, of course, under my watchful control of the leash. She still enjoyed using stealth to
sneak up on it, and the sense of accomplishment she exhibited after its flight to safety. I won an eBay auction at 9 a.m., after learning at 8:30 a.m.that another auction offered the same item for 2% less on a Buy It Now basis. C'est la vie,or rather, that is the auction process.

I composed music on my computer and created the beginnings of a song. It felt good to make progress on that hobby.

I walked at Bethany Lakes Park where I saw a house sparrow, green herons, a multitude of ducks and a snowy egret. My wife and I went to Allen Cafe,where I had pork loin and
mixed vegetables while she had a veggie omelette.

I spent the afternoon emptying boxes. I got my desktop computer set up. It worked, and the internet worked, but initially the Fedora operating system would not boot up. I had a different operating system, Peppermint O/S, on a USB stick so I booted it up. Then I created a new USB stick to re-install Fedora. I did not need to install it again, though, because upon reboot my original system came up. Now I am running updates to bring the system current after months. I am re-arranging my office. I enjoyed playing songs on my can-jo once more.

We had a lovely dinner at the restaurant Japon in Plano, where the fellow on the hibachi grill cooked me teriyaki chicken and shrimp. The occasion was my brother's wife's birthday. My nephew and his girlfried attended as well. We all had a fine visit, and then we all had frozen yogurt at a place on Spring Creek east of Alma.

Now I have changed from college football to the movie "The Return of the King".

We did get some news today about an ill relative that weighs on us a bit.

I looked at pictures I took of a trip my nephew and I took to the Johnson Space Center in Houston some years ago when he was very young. I gave them to my sister-in-law. That was years ago, but seems like yesterday.