August 23rd, 2014

dark flower

frittering and fritillary

I walked Beatrice this morning. She liked seeing the rabbit next to the rabbit hole at the far end of Glendover Park. I took my young friend to McDonalds' for breakfast,
and then to Grapevine Mills to walk in a pleasant-temperature environment. There were more interesting shops there than during our last visit. I like the kiosks, too, of hermit crabs. We both liked the bookstore with its ample and varied magazine rack. We each got a magazine.

We visited the Sea-life Aquarium, a nice commercial-venture small aquarium. It effectively used space planning and different perspectives to make a goodish few tanks seem like a huge number of tanks. It was well done. We dined for lunch at Pho Hung in Grand Prairie, and then stopped by the massive Forever Young, a warehouse of music recordings featuring almost everyone and their wayward cousin's record or CD or tape or what-have-you. I chose no CDs, but it was fun to look. He got a CD or two, and we listened to artistic flourishes of bIggy Azalea on our drive to the yogurt shop and then to drop him off at home.

After I dropped my friend off in the middle of the afternoon, I walked on Trinity Trail. I saw a huge greater roadrunner on the trail. When he saw me, he ran down the road into the woods. Eryngium, which looks like purple pineapple thistle, was in bloom/fruit and a maximilian sunflower bloomed and a little snow-on-the-prairie bloomed. I watched a gulf fritillary butterfly fly, and listened to a podcast until my cell phone battery died.

My wife and I were going for a sandwich when we discovered the grand opening of a new Japanese restaurant in our town. We had a very nice dinner of sushi. It was good to sit and enjoy the day's end.

A fellow I know from college days, who is now president of the Georgia Chess Association, suggested I come to Atlanta next month to play in the Georgia Senior Open. That sounds like fun, so I may give it a go.