August 18th, 2014

dark flower

rainy Sunday balance

Big rainstorm this morning. I loved it. Beatrice found it worthy of a bark or two.
The daily high was twenty degrees fahrenheit cooler.

I went to church at First UMC. I was 7 minutes late to the service, which made me arrive just before the sermon. I was intrigued by the efficiency of the service. After the service, I went to Bethany Lakes Park, where I walked in sprinkling rain and watched green herons, great egrets and snowy egrets.

I stopped by Best Buy and Staples to look at laptops. Though I know from the websites of each that each has a broad selection, neither store facilitated shopping as easily as its website. Though I would like to get a more powerful laptop for making music, finding the right price/features balance is tricky. I need a moderately powered CPU, a DVDRW drive, a microphone input, and a headphone/speakers output. I might like an SSD or SSHD. I have very little need for an impressive GPU, as my gaming is limited. All the things I want are easy to find, but the balancing act between price and features
is always the fun in the process.

I lost 2.8 pounds at Weight Watchers, which pleased me since I had Indian food last night, and kept my intake "on plan". Then I went to have chicken with broccoli at
Tian An Mien wok. I took Beatrice for an afternoon walk in the post-rain afternoon. My wife and I made some plans this evening for an upcoming vacation.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I'm looking forward to getting things done.
dark flower

birds on berries

I drove Beatrice to the pet lodge today. While my wife and I worked, fellows came and installed dimmers on some of the room lights. No hint arose today as to the estimated time of arrival of the carpets. Perhaps this will arrive tomorrow.

I walked at lunch in Breckinridge Park, where mockingbirds flocked to Summer berries and barn swallows exulted on fence wires. I walked at the end of the day at Oak Point Park, where western kingbirds, scissor-tailed flycatchers and a male American kestrel all hunted insects.

Our current inclination is to go on vacation next month in the western United States.
We are sorting out now which of three scenic wonderlands to visit.

I listened to a great Fedora leader interview on the Linux Action Show today,and
also looked at a cool used computer hardware site pointed out by gracegiver . I also drew a sketch with Inkscape, a program which never makes me a better artist, but does give me enough fun to try, try again.