August 12th, 2014

dark flower

turning 55

This morning I turned on the water for my shower. As it began to flow, I noticed a small gecko an inch or two long running frantically away from the rush of water. Our local geckos are tiny fellows,who in the main hail from regions other than our own.

I went and got a plastic cup from Dickey's BBQ from our kitchen. I carefully got the tiny brownish lizard to run into the cup. Then I took it outside and released it. I thought to myself how one can hunt high and low for some important purpose, but perhaps one's purpose amounts to little things like sparing geckos. This is the way I think on my 55th birthday today.

Beatrice and I took a walk at 7:00 a.m. I worked until 5:15 p.m. Then I walked at Shawnee Park in Plano. I liked watching a colorful green heron dance among the lily pads. My wife and I dined on grilled chicken at Cowboy Chicken. Then we had frozen yogurt at the place next door. The builder sent over someone to remove some of the dust, which makes the house feel much less like a construction site. I will be glad when the carpet is in and we can resume normal routines.

Now we are watching a documentary about Buddy Magazine and the 1970s and early 1980s Dallas music scene. The movie is fun, though it takes things I found and find mainstream as if they were underground. My "generation" listened to KNON and its delightful DJ Shaggy's mix of local music and post-punk rather than to Zoo FM and its "album-oriented rock". But it all brings out nostalgia for me. I did get to see Stevie Ray Vaughan play in the early 1980s in a state fair barn in Little Rock.

The movie imagines there is no music in our area now, but the movie is wrong on that score. Some poor misguided soul is bemoaning the loss of old-style unfair music industry cash advance contracts.The movie glosses over the vibrant Deep Ellum scene and the Denton scene today. But I cannot blame folks for over-romanticizing their own era--this is part of music culture. Birthdays are good days for nostalgia, and I am content.