August 7th, 2014

dark flower

sorted and unsorted

This evening in McKinney I saw a lovely common nighthawk flying overhead.They only come out at dusk and dawn. I only see them in flight. This one hunted insects and flowed through the sky with a paper-glider ease.

I got a facebook message from a woman who babysat me when I was elementary school age.
She, her daughter, my wife and I will get together when next she is in our area. Her daughter lives one suburb over from us. That will be great fun.

Today I came home to a radically improved scene. The living room, kitchen, and downstairs bathroom floors are in, and they look grand. The furniture is back in place in the living room, kitchen and dining room. The odd dining room/front foyer combo is now a single large dining room. We have yet a ways to go, carpet here, finish there.
But we progress in pleasing ways. It's an ephemeral thing but a real thing--getting the house put together is a good feeling.

The world news is an utter wreck. I will pray for peace.