August 3rd, 2014

dark flower

car return

With Beatrice's help,I ate raisin bran in the dark on our back patio at 5:30 a.m. Then I fell asleep until 8:40. I drove to the less-popular of the two car washes on McDermott in Allen. I bought a full clean-out of the car, to eliminate any chance that a bit of Beatrice fur might cause a needless charge from the rental company.The rental check-in went well, and I got my own Chevy without incident. The repairs look better than the last time I reviewed the repair status. I was glad to get my car back.

I drove to Fry's Electronics and browsed more or less aimlessly. Then I went across the street to my brother's family's uniform store. My brother and I headed to Genghis Grill for Mongolian BBQ. His wife joined us, but she had only dessert. The cafe's website had a guide to a low-calorie concoction, which made my task easier.

I went home and took Beatrice for a walk. I listened to an interview on Radio New Zealand with a candidate for the Internet Party, who alternated among discussing her experience among communities in the Bolivian forests, her high regard for the social welfare state, and her party's curious reliance upon the fortune of copyright-challenged entrepreneur Kim Dotcom. She hoped her candidacy would appeal to young voters. I liked her idealism, but found myself out of sympathy with her sweeping assumptions and faux obtuseness about capitalism and her own party's funding and reason for existence.

I went for a walk on the Watters Creek Trail near my house. This sidewalk trail runs along Watters Creek. I saw a question mark butterfly, young northern mockingbirds, a cottontail rabbit and northern cardinals. I enjoyed the 75 minute walk.

My wife and I went to one of her co-worker and his wife's house, and also saw there another of her co-workers and her wife. We ate pasta and had really good conversations. Also, there were nice dogs named Foebe and Princess.