July 25th, 2014

dark flower

currying attention by saying hi to a shih tzu

Beatrice and I walked at 7 a.m. She said "hi" to a Shih Tzu in a cursory way,so that she had a basis to go seek a pet from the Shih Tzu's owner. At lunch I stopped by Best Buy, where great computers were on sale at budget prices. I never cease to be amazed, though, how vastly different machines are sold at the same prices. Meanwhie, my 54 dollar used laptop is on its 17th month of use, and works like a champion.

My insurance rep on my car offered me x dollars to forego a full repair on the car roof which cost y dollars. I inspected the foot in question and found that I though the diminished value payoff price should not be x but z, a number greater than x. Though z was much less than the y dollars to fix the roof, the rep advised that she only had authority to spend x, and thus would rather spend y than save (x minus z). It was as if she wer punishing me by over-spending on the claim when I was trying to get the claim concluded more cheaply. But it was apparently easier in her mind to spend more than to get from her boss no-brainer authority to save a little money. I have spent much of my professional life dealing with insurance folks, and they amuse and bemuse me constantly. I am not heart-broken to get my car fixed fully, though saving my carrier a little money in return for a little cash made sense to me.

My friend (lj user = "Vuzh") was interviewed on the Ryno the Bearded podcast tonight. I listened to a lot of it, but then we had to go to dinner. At dinner, I showed my frustration when the waiter did not get my order right. I dislike showing my frustration. I will do better next time, though I was not too bearish this time. I am borderline hypo-glycemic which may explain a bit. My Copper River salmon was fine, though, and the couscous was great. I left a nice tip as inadequate penance.

Last night I figured out how to fix a stroke/fill issue in the drawing program Inkscape, which was impeding my ability to draw. Today I learned the difference between Jackson and Jackson Hole, a fact I did not learn when I visited there over twenty years ago.

Tomorrow will be a fun day.