July 22nd, 2014

dark flower


We remain in that odd hiatus between painted walls and re-done floors. Perhaps in a day or two, work resumes. I watch the news repeat the same things repeatedly about the terrible tragedy of the airliner shot down over Ukraine, and the same things oveer and over, with one political slant or another, about the conflict between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza. I worked hard and well today. I spoke with the claims rep on my car, who wants to leave two hail dents on the roof in and write me a check for the loss in value. I will inspect the car and see what I think.

I like the way that all around one, people work unsung miracles, like the woman at a Subway's I visit who flawlessly lip-reads sufficiently well that most do not know she is hearing-impaired. The female hummingbird now visits our back yard daily. I also like how I feel after a pleasant walk the day after I got a good night's sleep.