July 16th, 2014

dark flower

storm before intermission

The storm is finally predicted to move in! Late tonight we have a good chance of rain. Tomorrow the chances are nearly 100 percent. My wife offered to pick up Beatrice at the end of the day,which freed me to go to Shawnee Park in Plano. I think this one guy is just camping there all the time now. It's a small city park, not a campground. I was considering telling the parks department, but then I thought this harmless, unobtrusive, not-really-weird guy who just seems to be living in a park could go unreported, at least this time.

I filled out a poll I got via e-mail from the little pop songs church I attend sometimes. I told them I like their services, but they should do hip arrangements of the Cokesbury hymns rather than the unfortunate contemporary Christian pop songs. I felt like a bit of a curmudgeon, but on the other hand, people don't know your opinion if you do not offer it. I signed the optional signature form, because I dislike hiding behind anonymity. I loved that the poll asked "Who is your neighbor?". I think that everyone is my neighbor. I think my neighbor includes 50,000 kids on the border, and even odd Republicans who shout about or at them. For that matter, my neighbors at that church include some folks who like pop songs instead of hymns.

The nice woman from Service King called today. My car may be ready before 8/1. I will stop by there soon and pick up my garage door opener, which I left in the car. I picked us up dinner tonight at Market Street. My wife wanted a Cobb salad. I got pork loin, asparagus and broccoli with a roll. It was great food.

The little female hummingbird has shown up twice in our backyard now. She is cute.
Beatrice and I walked at 7 a.m. She loved it. I saw a green heron darting around the pond. I got asked to contribute art to an on-line publication, which makes me happy.
At our home, the painters are about done, and next week the flooring should begin, with the next few days some trim, touch-up and, to my not-too-perturbed chagrin,a little intermission.