July 12th, 2014

dark flower

return to good times

The young friend I mentored for nearly four years through Big Brothers moved back to Texas. This makes me happy. We spent today hiking, driving rural lanes, eating Chinese, talking and listening to music as we drove. As I got into my car to go pick him up at 7:15 a.m., I saw this hot air balloon:

Balloon, allen, texas july 12 2014

We did our early morning hike at Hermann Baker Park in Sherman. Its centerpiece is lovely little Pickens Lake. During the first part of our day, we saw two Mississippi kites. Here is one:

Misssissippi kite, near pickens lake, herman baker park, sherman, texas july 12, 2014

The other had a little prey it had fished out of the lake. It was great to see both of the pair fairly close up.

We drove through Denison, Sherman, Bells, across the Red River to Colbert Oklahoma (not quite intentionally), Bonham and here, there and yonder. We had a great time, just doing the hike and drive and talk customary to us.

We shopped a bit at Best Buy, where my friend got the Lorde CD. On my drive home from dropping him off, I listened to the podcast "This Week in Computer Hardware". I also stopped by the library to settle down in a quiet, air-conditioned alternative to home. I uploaded some of my photos and listened to good music through my headphones.

My wife and I dined at Mimi's tonight. I wanted to go hear a Colombian brass band playing at our local library, but we elected to dine out instead. There is something to be said for simple dining with family.