July 11th, 2014

dark flower

nosoo fledglings

The park near my work features a set of fledgling barn swallows.They look pretty close to grown, and they fly well, but they are discernibly less nimble than adults. They are fun to watch, because they hang around on fence wires and stare out at the world. Barn swallows lack a lot of fear of people most of the time, as they pursue their lives of insect-hunting aware of but unconcerned by our ways.

I've enjoyed driving the Chrysler 200 the rental car company provided me. I test drove one a few years ago and found it a bit small. But now I like its compact standard-size-ness. It's a bit like a old-time K car, but it is a better car.

We went to NoSoo for sushi tonight, where the chill music and great service was diminished a bit by TV screens flashing minutiae about LeBron James' switch of sports teams. As this was already covered by a pretty reasonable essay by the sports figure himself,all the additional hoopla seemed beside the point to me.

Now I am watching the Joy Division biopic "Control". I bought my first Joy Division 45 in 1980, the same year I bought Bill Nelson's "Do You Dream in Colour?". That Summer was one of the few Summers I bought any 45 rpm records.

The interior of our house is nearly painted now. Perhaps we are not too far from getting the flooring in.