July 7th, 2014

dark flower

after the stress

Late this afternoon I spent 35 minutes on a call about an unposted payment on a minor bill, until I finally realized I could just re-pay the bill at a long-term cost of 5 dollars, rather than trying to sort out the billing issue with an endless array of well-meaning but ineffective phone company personnel. Then I went to drop off my car at the Service King collision repair for its hail damage remediation. My insurance card disappeared just when I needed it for the rental, which I had to remedy by calling my carrier to get one faxed. I got my car, and worked through a "no pets" clause when the attendant let me know that getting the car professionally cleaned would suffice. With hindsight, I perhaps should have postponed this work until the house is finished. Then Bea's long and winding road to the pet lodge would be done. The nice woman on the Service King end that checked me in went the extra mile to help me with my things. I finally got the vehicle, a swinging 200 series Chrysler car, and got to Beatrice's pet lodge before 7 p.m. Beatrice likes to stand on me while I drive, which, I suppose, protects the car.

Things like half-hour calls being passed from person to person and missing insurance cards happen, but I regret that I showed my frustration fairly politely but unmistakably with direct statements on the phone and at the rental car place. I dislike ever showing any emotion over things like this, in which everyone is basically trying close to their best, even when all of us fall short. But sometimes I let a few emotions seep out. I think that it's better to be a bit stoic when possible. I am all for Marcus Aurelius and the Vulcan home world. Besides, I should celebrate what went right--like my own insurance carrier instantly faxing over proof of insurance.

I realized when I was nearly home that in my zeal to get my computer, cameras and binoculars out of the car, I forgot to get my garage-door opener as well. I'll have to go back tomorrow to retrieve it. I've felt a bit of stress these last few days, whether it's the tinge of dust and paint fumes in our home or the press of things to do,or the sense of forty things happening at once. Each day I take my electronics to work with me,for fear of having them packed away while I am gone, but it means I have a gadget entourage.

Beatrice gives a charming whimper of recognition when we pull into our neighborhood. She is a one-dog rebuttal of stony silent stoicism.

Work went well today. I had a moment of near-perfect clarity on an issue. I love that feeling. The home renovation finished its 10th weekday today, so we must be nearly halfway done. I've set my laptop up on our back patio, where it's warm and the light is still good but fading. Beatrice is crashed out on the patio, enjoying the evening.
Soon my wife will return from her stock club meeting.