June 27th, 2014

dark flower

one's personal treasures on sale at good will

Lately I watch those cable television shows in which couples shop for homes. Sometimes the couple seeks a first home. Sometimes the couple decides whether to live in a newly-renovated home or sell that home and move. Sometimes the home exists in an exotic locale. Each time the purchasers experience angst, express all sorts of personal aesthetic ideas, and often manage in the same episode to show a lovable sense of family and a certain peak of pique and in general annoying attitudes.

I wish that such shows featured shopping for other things. A used car show offers the potential for all sorts of cost/benefit equations, along with space for a lovable mechanic character to vet the vehicles. A computer hardware show allows the gamer spouse argue with the multi-media spouse over CPU, GPU and budget. A thrift store clothing show offers the chance to show how much one accomplishes with 20 dollars and good will at Good Will.

I also like that English show in which folks are given a fixed budget to buy at estate sales, and then see how much they fetch at antique auctions. But the concept twist of forcing sellers to pick a treasured possession and then see how much/little it goes for sounds ghastly and yet vaguely appealing.

Today proved to be all clouds and no rain. Tomorrow night the local fireworks display occurs. I plan to walk our dog tomorrow morning.