June 24th, 2014

dark flower

work begins


The great home repair began today. Beatrice spent the day in a day care for dogs,where one of her favorites, the trainer John, greeted her. The folks doing the work predict a 4 to 6 week time to finish the work. We hope to stay in the home for most or all of the repair work. The work involves repairing walls from water damage sustained in April, and replaced much of the flooring, among other things.Today things just seem more sparse and organized, but soon the dust will fly.

I woke up early to drive to my dentist's office. During the tooth cleansing, I listened to an interview with vuzh on the Music Manumit podcast.
I enjoyed hearing him speak about Creative Commons, drone music, the cassette tape underground, and netlabels. My dentist pronounced me cavity-free, which always amounts to good news.

Today the rain fell for the third day out of four. Three quarters of an inch fell today. Thus far, we have not gotten enough to replenish the reservoir in Lake Lavon.We need an extended rain of several inches to help with that.

Tonight I saw a great advertisement for a new laptop with a 128 GB solid state drive at a reasonable price. But so far my cheap linux laptop works sufficiently well that I do not succumb.