June 13th, 2014

dark flower

rain and dull boys

Yesterday an unexpected rain brought the temperatures down. The more rain the better is my Texas motto. My planned "day off" today turned into "maybe I can leave early this afternoon", but that is okay. Tomorrow is when the fun is in session anyway.
abstract butterfly

Roadtrip and ratsnake

My work occupied me until half past noon. Then the drive to Austin featured lots of traffic delays. The main compensation was huge fields of blooming sunflowers. I still managed to make it to the exhibition hall at Texas Linux Fest, where kind folks told me cool things about libreoffice and OpenShot Video. I drove to my suites hotel in north Austin. A cool motorcycle game parked their Harleys in a semi-circle. The kind desk clerk directed me to Walnut Creek Park. This park had great trails. There I was just thinking how a creekside ledge was good snake habitat when the couple walking ahead of me spotted a huge lovely and placid rat snake. Later, by a pond by my hotel, I saw a grand yellow-crowned night heron.

The odd omission of the day: I left my laptop at my office by mistake. It will be odd to be without it at a computer convention. But then again, it has a maverick, hands-free vibe.

Tomorrow there are some good talks. Looks like fun.