June 5th, 2014

dark flower

puppy and wren


fire ants know

My young friend, who now lives in upstate New York, called me early this morning. He explained to me that he finished re-installing linux onto the eBay laptop I got him on January 14, 2013. He had accidentally crashed his operating system by cutting off the system in the middle of an upgrade. I sent him some disks and a USB with some lightweight linux distributions to install. He called first to leave me a message that he needed advice. Before I even picked up that message, he called to say that he had successfully installed Puppy Linux on his system. Puppy is a good choice, because it runs like lightning on older gear. We'll see how long he runs that, and how long before he samples another distro. I really enjoyed hearing how he had succeeded. He has learned a lot running linux.

I made some progress on work matters today, and some progress on a family matter today. I liked getting a decent picture of a Carolina wren. Tomorrow I must call the shop to make sure my vehicle hail-check-out is still on track for Saturday. I am also slowly plotting travel plans for the future.