May 27th, 2014

dark flower

growing shoots of bean-like knowledge

This morning I experienced a modest ephiphany when I figured out something objectively more or less completely obvious. This compares with the one big thing I learned in 2013 about how the
best use for a phone camera consists of taking pictures of one's place in the airport parking garage. I never misplace my car since I learned that fact. I already experienced a similar 2014 epiphany moment when my brother showed me that any vehicle shows its driver the location of its gas cap (left or right) through a little arrow on the little gas pump on the Full/Empty gauge.
I already counted this as the one big useful thing I expected to learn in 2014.

But today I figured out that if I access livejournal from, I skip all that annoying celebrity gossip posted via a supposed "top journal". I skip the whole top 100 journal feed altogether.Instead, I get to simply visit my journal and its friends list. I count this as two big things learned in 2014. The year remains young.