May 26th, 2014

dark flower

museum of science and nature

This morning my wife and I drove to downtown Dallas to visit the Perot Museum of Science and Natureand Science. This museum opened downtown last year with a rename as the Perot after being opened in one for or another since 1936 in an art deco building in Dallas' [state] Fair Park. The move downtown, following a Perot family donation of 50 million dollars, resulted in an architecturally interesting display of high-tech and interactive displays in place of the mildly sleepy but wonderful prior museum.

This museum established itself as a bona fide hit from the time it opened last year. An extremely kind co-worker gave us a year's membership, which we previously failed to use so far.
We remedied that. We had a great time. We saw:

1. a wonderful 20 minute 3-D butterfly migration movie;
2. an exhibit about the largest sauropods, including a huge one from Argentina;
3. the permanent exhibit about local Texas dinosaurs, mammoths and dire wolves (and,because huge parts of Texas spent olden days undersea, mosasaurs);
4. the floor filled with huge precious and semi-precious crystalline minerals;
5. a wonderful 40 minute film about preserving giant pandas in China and returning raised pandas to the wild;
6. a sports exhibit in which kids could race against T. Rex or any of a number of videos of track stars; and
7. a lunch place with reasonably healthy multiple casual, informal dining choices.

We stayed 4 hours. We failed to get two of the four floors done. We plan to return another day for that.

I never saw so many engaged children in my life. The museum succeeds.

We stopped at the Dallas Farmer's Market to buy flowers at Ruybal's nursery. My wife dropped me off at Microcenter while she shopped at Plants and Planters for a new ficus benjamina. I looked at laptops but found nothing I wished to buy. We stopped by a Chinese buffet, where I ate chicken and broccoli. This evening I loaded a linux distro onto a USB stick and enclosed two distros on CD for my young friend in New York, who broke his O/S by crashing in the middle of an upgrade.

Our day went well.