May 9th, 2014

dark flower

20 minutes on the clock

Last night I watched part of the NFL draft on television, which is a bit like playing solitaire, except that there are no colorful cards and it's even harder to win. I also watched a good PBS show on elephants, and a good episode of "Elementary". Tonight I need to get some paperwork done after work. I've been on a steady "do one thing each day" program all week, but some days one has to do more than two. This will be a busy weekend. This morning I cleared the tidy small sum of loanable funds I had built up at by making micro-loans to borrowers in Mongolia, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan and El Salvador.
dark flower


scissor-tailed flycatcher may 9 2014

I worked a solid day today. At lunch, I read in Linux Format magazine about Mageia 4. After work, I stopped by Breckinridge. I saw two handsome young male house finches foraging in the grass, several barn swallows flying and the perching, and a scissor-tailed flycatcher on a sign.

I sat down late tonight and did a little family paperwork. Then I ran to the post office to mail some things for tomorrow mail. I put gas in my car, as I have a day trip planned tomorrow.

barn swallow 5 9 2014